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Celebration Exhibition 2022

Photographs by John Priest. Contact [email protected]

View from the gallery
Raffle Table
Iain Wolloff, Newbury College Principal, kindly opened the exhibition for us
View from the refreshments area

(Back) Table Cloth by Jan H
Dear Jane by Jan H
Summertime Garden by Caroline W
Hanging Garden by Nicole R
Rolling Stone by Gill M
The 12 Days of Christmas by Mary W
Layers of Summer by Nicole R
Sailing Boats by Lesley S
Bargello Joy by Teresa Clark
Lone Star by Jean B
Little Sparrow by June H
Little Sparrow by Cat N
Little Sparrow by Marianne M
Amish with a Twist by Cat N
A La Vivienne Westwood by Tina E
Nine Patch with a Twist by Gail W
Horse Windmills by Pat B
Beads by Sheridan Y
Just Being by Marianne M
Garden Party by Jean B
Dawn to Dusk by Sarah N
Snowflake by Sheridan Y
A Happy Birthday Quilt by Helene B
Steep Learning Curve by Pat B
Catherine Wheels by Pat B
Elephants by Cat N
Love in Lockdown by Sonia C
Pretty Block of the Month by Kirsty G
Kaleidoscope by Julie W
Dresden Plate by Tina E
A Trip around New Zealand by Julie W
Sampler Quilt by Linda B
Mini Flower Power by Kirsty G
Sweet Briar by Sheridan Y
Bella Mae's Christmas Quilt by Hilary R
Jigsaw Quilt by Geraldine P
Metro Lattice by Barbara L-S
Cattitude by Cat N
Liberty Medallions by Pat Bu
Music Evolves by Pat Br
Broken Star by Nicole R
Fun, Happy, Smile by Pat Br
Purple Reign by Sue L
A Very Christmas by Kirsty G
Dancing with Daisies by Gail W
Fire at Full Moon by Rita M
Stained Glass Window by Linda B
All Squared up by Geraldine P
Kaleidoscope by Gail W
The Irrepressible Dandelion by Sonia C
Top: Liberty Delights by Helene B
Vintage Claret by Sarah N
Crazy Quilted Cats by Sarah T
Cities of London by Gail W
Hunter's Star by Pat Bu
Shirt Stripe Boxes by Caroline W
Gilly Flower by Geraldine P
Flowers Through the Year by Mary W
Lockdown One by Mary W
Floral Fantasia by Gail W
Selwyn College Chapel by Julie W
The Men in My Life by Sarah N
The Joy of Life by Tina E
Frosty Nights 2 by Gail W
James' Quilt by Pat Bu
Stars in Lockdown by Sue C
Terrarium by Julie W
Intertwined Triangles by Sue C
Sharks are Gathering by Pat Br
On the Plains of Africa by Sonia C
Two Cushions by Kirsty G
Crazy Triangles by Hazel J
My Chandelier by Sue L
Schoolgirl Sampler by Helene B
Chandelier Beads by Linda B
Le Jardin bt Tina E
Autumn Medallion by Helene B
Circle of Nature by Marianne M
Hens Heading Home by Pat B
Wreaths by Tina E
Winter Village by Tina E
by Teresa C
Kaffe Fasset by June H
Tools of the Trade by Sue L
Rosewood Cottage by Veronica P
(Top) Stars in Lockdown by Lesley S
Better Late than Never by Pauline B
Bright Kaffe by Tina E
Log Cabin by Tina E
The Houses by Gail W
Snow Drifts by Gail W
Church Window Hexagons by Pat Bu
All That Glistens by Gail W
I Spy Quilt by Hilary R
Catology by Pat B
Unfinished Garden by Sarah T
Scrappy Stars by Barbara L-S
Quick Cats by Sarah T
If You are Going Through Hell by Marianne M
Christmas items made by the group
Some smaller items made by members
Cars Height Chart by Linda B

Disappearing Nine Patch by Sue L

Quilts made for premature babies in hospital
Some of the projects completed after group workshops and demonstrations

Some of the comments left in our Comments book:

"An amazing show - such beautiful quilts!"

"Wonderful display so inspirational"

"Stunning show, well worth the drive from Devizes"

"Amazing. Magical and fabulous"

"Fantastic Quality rivals the National Exhibition in Birmingham"

"Most amazing exhibition I have ever seen. The talent and workmanship is wonderful"

"Fantastic works of art - beautiful"

RAFFLE QUILT "Rapid City" designed by Elizabeth Hartman. Fabrics chosen by members, pieced by Geraldine Priest, quilted by Karen at Running Chicken.
RAFFLE QUILT "Snakes and Ladders" designed by Gail Winter. Pieced and quilted by members.